Our team is highly qualified and has lots of experience coaching and guiding. But most importantly, we are all good riders that love teaching.

"We’ve been in Verbier for more than 15 years! Trust us… we know what we are doing!"

Andre Sommer

“Snowboarding and its lifestyle is what I live for. Sharing the riding feeling with other motivated riders, gives me energy and motivation in life.”

Sofia Martin

“Snowboarding is definitely the element that gives direction to my life and the way I live it. Since I started all I want to do is spend time on my board.”


“I started snowboarding in 1990 and I am hooked to the sport since. I spend every winter in the snow, playing around with my board. I Just love it.”


“Water and surfing is my element, and snow is just frozen water. The day I tried snowboarding I knew it was going to be part of my life.”


“Since I was 6 years old snowboarding has been a passion of mine. It gives me so much freedom and happiness riding down the mountains.”


“Snowboarding puts you into the nature world. I seem to need that connection and with the snowboard is one of the best ways I have found it.”

"Our goal is to share with you our passion and love for snowboarding"

Xavier de le Rue

Thanks to independent snowboard school to bring the culture of snowboarding to Verbier!
Andre and his team are really awesome in general and really transmitting the passion to the kids and stronger riders as well that want to rock!


Independent Snowboard School know their stuff! The instructors, Roland and Andre, were first class; fun to be around, helpful, and knowledgeable. Despite our group all being accomplished riders we all came away with a renewed appreciation of our riding and the mountains, thanks to a great day orchestrated by the Independent guys.


The Benchmark for Snowboarding in Verbier
When it comes to visiting Verbier and snowboarding Independent is the standard to which all others can only aspire. My wife and I have been riding with Roland and Andre for over a decade. Spending time with them and you will discover why they are, exceptional.