Absolutely anyone at any level can start adding some freestyle tricks. And here my friend… a good coach is the way forwards. Our lessons are designed to build up your confidence and help you find your own style. We’ll break down tricks, so you can understand them and approach them correctly.

Once the foundation is there, you will have solid ground from where to boost your level of riding and get creative. We’ll give you the tools to control your own progression, so you can develop your skills without always needing help. Every session is created specifically to your goals.

We would love to take you on the journey of Freestyle progressions!


Freestyle sessions could take place anywhere in the mountain, look at it as a big playground. Part of this session is getting to understand how the park works and how every little feature in the mountain can be used to jib.

From the learning or mastering of a stylish Ollie, to spinning of kickers and killing it on rails. Even flatland trick on the slope can add so much more fun to your riding, and it really doesn’t take that much!

Setup: Private Max 6 people
3 Hours Full Day

315 CHF

Peak Week
350 CHF

570 CHF

Peak Week
610 CHF
Setup: Group Min 4 people
3 Hours Full Day
80 CHF N/A


Christmas/New Year 21st December 2019 – 5th January 2020,

Half-term 8th February 2020 – 1st March 2020, Easter 4th April 2020 – 19th April 2020

For season 19/20 we run also kids freestyle camps, please click here to check it out.