Learn Safety while riding powder

Any area that is not a marked piste becomes avalanche territory and can be dangerous to ride. Knowledge is your best defense against avalanche danger. This course is not design to sit in a classroom, we will get you to the field and learn by experiencing so the idea is to ride as much as we can.

Private (max 6 people)
With an ISTA Instructor (International Snow Training Academy)


  • Avalanche formation (Type of avalanches, analysis of snowpack)
  • Avalanche terrain (understanding the mountain)
  • Planning your riding and good decision making
  • Reducing risk (Recognition of nature’s warning signs, avalanche bulletins and professional warnings)
  • Rescue (Know what to do in the event of an avalanche, Learn how to use your equipment and practice using it)
3 Hours Full Day Setup
Private 300 CHF 540 CHF Max. 6 people
Group  80 CHF N/A Min. 4 people