At Independent Snowboard school we work hard to offer you quality lessons and camps in Verbier that suit your needs. Select any of our categories to get more information

Snowboarding All Ages

Snowboard lessons for all ages and levels. Choose between private lessons, group lessons or freestyle Lessons.

Private Lessons

All ages and levels
Private (max 6 people)

Learn from scratch or discover the fun of stepping up your level, you’ll be surprised of how easy this can be when you are guided through it.

Group Lessons

All ages and levels
3Hr (9-12AM / 1-4PM)

These lessons are extremely fun. Sharing snowboarding with others makes it much more motivating and contagious.

Freestyle Lessons

All ages and levels
Private and Group

We’ll give you the tools to control your own progression to develop your skills. Every session is created specifically for you.

Snowboarding for Kids

From 2 to 16 years old, private and group lessons up to 6 children, Camps and the coolest Kids Club in Verbier. We also have special price for young childrens (2-3), please check kids lessons bellow and look for Private Lessons for Toddlers.

Kids Lessons

From 2 to 16 years old
Private and Group

Starting at a young age is great for establishing good foundations. Become complete, responsible and safe riders while having tons of fun!

Kids Camps

From 6 to 16 years old
Afternoons or full days

We provide a fun and safe environment for kids pushing their potential as snowboarders and building lifelong friendships along the way.

Kids Club

From 3 to 16 years old
Afternoons or full days

We coach kids from very beginners to competitive level being guided and contained in a safe and fun environment.

Freeride Snowboarding

For Snowboarders of all ages with intermediate and advanced levels. Private or group lessons and camps, different options to enjoy off-piste in a safer and more fun way.


Intermediate to advanced
Private (half and full days)

We coach and guide riders who are looking to experience their first time outside the slopes to the most advanced level of competitive Freeride.


Intermediate to advanced
Private, Group and Camps

Thanks to splitboarding, now we can access places that we couldn’t even think off before, it’s really something for everyone.

Mountain Safety

Private and Group

Any area that is not a marked as piste becomes avalanche territory and can be dangerous. Knowledge and experience are key.

private competition coaching

For Snowboarders of all ages with Intermediate to advanced levels. Learn how to read the mountain and develop your own style in big mountain riding.

Competition coaching

Intermediate to advanced

You will work on your riding technique, mental strength, approach and safety aspects, developing your own style of big mountain riding.

Locals and Seasonaires

Exclusively for Verbier residents and seasonaires of all ages and levels. We run group lessons for up to 7 participants at a special price and free sessions for Verbier’s snowboard community, yes.. you read it well .. TOTALLY FREE!


All ages
Group and FREE

Because of the high demand on local lessons we have created this special promotion exclusively for Verbier and Val de Bagnes locals and Seasonaires.

"Our goal is to share with you our passion and love for snowboarding"