All ages and all levels
3Hr (9-12AM / 1-4PM)
Full Day
Private (max 6 people)


Snowboarding for the first time can be a great experience if you have the right tuition. To get things right from the beginning, a good instructor is your key to success. It will allow you to progress faster, safer and in a more enjoyable atmosphere.

In a Beginner lesson we work on getting all the important basics right, so that when you head up the mountain you feel totally ready and relax. Our lessons adapt to your personal learning style and ability, progress at your own pace with the care and confidence you need to become a great snowboarder.

Intermediate or advanced

We believe that these lessons are for everyone. Once you can link your turns it’s easy to think that you can master the art of snowboarding by yourself. But the truth is, that most people need advice when it comes to fixing bad habits or improving in any technical aspect.

There is always room for improvement. And we absolutely love working on this. As instructors, we feel happy helping people enjoy the mountain and feel better on their boards, to flow and save energy, to gain confidence and style in every descent. These lessons are very personalized, we normally watch you ride one or two slopes and can already asset you on many things to work on. Together with your input on what you want to improve, we can create the right session for you.

Pist performance (carving, short turn, bumps, etc), Freestyle (flatland tricks and park) and Offpiste (powder riding in general) are some of the main areas we can focus on.

First time

265 CHF

(3 hours AM/PM)
After these 3 hours normal rates will apply

3 hours AM/PM

315 CHF

350 CHF Peak Weeks

Full Day

570 CHF

610 CHF Peak Weeks


Christmas/New Year 21st December 2019 – 5th January 2020,

Half-term 8th February 2020 – 1st March 2020, Easter 4th April 2020 – 19th April 2020

For season 19/20 we run also splitboard private lessons and camps,
please click here to check it out.